Behind the Brand

I'm Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini, the Owner/Founder of CASITA MICHI, a California-based brand that celebrates culture through empowering and nostalgic candles and home fragrances, hand poured with the planet in mind. 

I'm a 1st-Gen Latina born to South American immigrants and raised in San Francisco, CA. Being deeply connected to my Latin roots and heritage has been an integral part of my entrepreneurial journey and in the story I want to share with others. With the lack of representation in the home fragrance space, I set out to create a product that would inspire my comunidad to practice self-care unapologetically through intentional messaging and culturally empowered phrases. 

In the Fall of 2021 CASITA MICHI found that representation by becoming the first Latina-owned candle brand to debut at Macy's, both online and in-stores across the U.S. I strongly believe in the power of belonging through purposeful and intentional representation, and my goal is to continue taking up space and breaking down barriers so that more Latine founders can shine.

Meet Our Founder

Behind the Name

Michi is short for Michelita, an endearing nickname given to me by my familia when I was just a little girl.

When it came time to choosing a name for my small business, a very good friend of mine wasn't loving the options I had shared with her. This is when she recommended "I dig deeper" as to who is Michelle? And what is the story I want to share through my brand.

This is when CASITA MICHI was born!

I am Michi, the proud daughter of immigrants, a vocal Latina who loves her family, culture, and who strongly believes in taking up space unapologetically by creating representation for her community.

My name pays homage to my late mother and brother who so lovingly called me Michi. Their love and light lives continues to live on through my brand.

Brand Values + Mission

Our brand values include: representation, sustainability, inclusiveness, and social good. Throughout the year a portion of our sales are donated to organizations that raise awareness and provide support for social causes that affect the BIPOC community.

As our mission is to empower under-represented and marginalized communities to feel seen, we pride ourselves in giving back through community sponsorships and donation drives.

  • Francisco

    Francisco is our Production Manager and a jack of all trades. His role includes; inventory management, production, packaging, and shipping and receiving.

  • buddy

    Buddy's job is quality control. He sniffs incoming packages for safety, and provides feedback during the testing phase on our pet safe fragrance oils.

  • julian

    Julian's role involves placing warning labels and dust covers on each and every candle we produce. As our biggest cheerleader, he keeps us motivated with love and support.